• Electronic transcript submission to North Dakota public colleges and universities.
  • Easy process for scholarship application and review.
  • Individual academic performance information assists in planning for college readiness.
  • Students take ownership of achievement by having access to their performance results and have an opportunity to work on strategies to improve.


K-20 Teachers and Administration:

  • All information is available from one source with predefined reports available or data may be downloaded for customized reports and analysis.
  • Immediate transfer of student data as students move between ND public schools reducing the disruption of educational services.
  • Automatic daily upload of student data provides real-time accuracy for teachers and administrators to respond to student learning needs and school-wide trends.
  •  Documentation needed for the school accreditation process, such as AdvancED, is significantly easier to access and distribute electronically.
  • Facilitates a data culture of common language and builds teams that focus on gathering, interpreting and analyzing data.


Statewide Stakeholders:

  • Single source of information that can be viewed longitudinally across multiple data sets.
  • Streamlines the process to meet state and federal reporting requirements.
  • Allows for collaborative study and improvement planning among education and state agencies.