• Vertical Reporting (State Reporting) – automated extracts from the SLDS to DPI for mandatory state reporting.  Districts may control the reporting of their data through DPI STARS application.
  • Reports/data required to be reported by districts to other entities (e.g. 11th grade directory to ND Colleges) may be produced by the SLDS staff for the benefit of the districts. By statute all school high schools must provide 11th grade directory information to any ND public or private higher education institution.
  • Teacher section aggregate reporting to DPI for mandatory MIS03 reporting.  The SLDS may be used to pre-populate this information.
  • ND Education Portal
    • PowerSchool districts will be granted rights to the ND Education Portal.  The district will designate a security administrator to provide access to school personnel, students and parents.
      ▪    Provides secured login utilizing the K12 active directory accounts provided to all school personnel and students
      ▪    Allows for eTranscripts usage to send transcripts to colleges
      ▪    Allows configurable student/parent access to the Portal
      ▪    Provides single-signon from PowerSchool to the Education Portal
      ▪    Provides ND Academic and CTE Scholarship applications 
      ▪    Provides ND Scholarship audit using the student eTranscripts
      ▪    Provides college applications for participating ND public institutions